In God We Trust, Everyone Else Must Achieve Target

Could you sell ice to the Inuit?  Do you have the innate ability to sell, sell, sell?

This test is designed to assess certain aspects of your personality and skills that could help us to know the real you. The assessment is meant to help us understand your strengths and explore your potential in this career and find out whether you have a Sales Personality by taking our test.

Can You Take The Test ?


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1. How Many sales business visits you able to make by day ?

2. To be successful in sales, the most important things to concentrate on are ?

3. If I don't achieve my sales objectives the primary reason is often because ?

4. I have specific written plans to achieve each sales goal, and I review them frequently to monitor progress ?

5. There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything ?

6. I know I'm in control of the selling process when ?

7. A salesperson who just started selling in a new territory and needed to build business quickly should ?

8. After you introduce yourself, what is the first thing you should say on a cold call when the prospect answers the phone ?

9. I regularly hit _____% of my cold calling objectives ?

10. I would describe my results in getting referrals as ?

11. When I make my presentation, I am in front of the final decision maker about ____% of the time ?

12. The proper time to do a presentation is ?

13. When a buyer says "I like what I see, but I need to think it over," the best response is ?

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